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December 2016
Limited offer from MAMA BUTTER. CC Cream to create pore-less and radiant skin.
"MAMA BUTTER CC Cream Rose" to finish your skin smooth and classily radiant is launched at limited shops - our own shop of SINERE GARDEN and SINCERE GARDEN WEBSHOP.
November 2016
New from rinRen! Fragrant Rose Mist is available at limited shops.
rinRen now offers the ultimately simple and luxurious face & body mist, made solely with roses and rosemary from Nagano. Available only at our own shop of SINERE GARDEN and SINCERE GARDEN WEBSHOP.
November 2016
Introducing the limited edition hand cream from COSME KITCHEN × MAMA BUTTER
"MAMA BUTTER Hand Cream Classic Elegance", the hand cream with profound fragrance of the blend of five essential oils including bergamot and rose, packaged in the elegant gold-embossed tube has been introduced. Available only at COSME KITCHEN and SINCERE GARDEN WEBSHOP.
October 2016
The miniature bathroom amenity set is now available from MAMA BUTTER for the limited quantity!
MAMA BUTTER is offering the miniature bottle set of three bathroom amenities - shampoo, conditioner and liquid body soap - for a limited quantity. The lavender-and-chamomile-scented liquid body soap is made solely for this set.
October 2016
Advanced launch from VEGE KITCHEN: "Sukkiri Amazake", the koji-fermented beverage with botanical lactic bacteria.
"VEGE KITCHEN Sukkiri Amazake", the koji-fermented beverage for healthy and beautiful intestine with fresh/delightful flavor made by the lactic fermentation of amazake, is newly available in two flavors - "Plain" and "Pomegranate & Yamanashi Peach" .
October 2016
"NEROLILA Botanica": New creation by Kazuko Hayasaka × SINCERE GARDEN
NEROLILA Botanica has been created by the encounter of two parties of the same soul - the top-notch makeup artist, Kazuko Hayasaka, and SINCERE GARDEN - as a skin care brand to balance the body and the soul and powerfully enhance the beauty of mature women.
September 2016
Miniature-sized Face & Body Cream is launched from MAMA BUTTER.
An easy-to-carry miniature size of Face & Body Cream with 100% shea butter is now available.
September 2016
LORE introduces the body cream series with 10 wild grasses.
"LORE", the body care brand treasuring the wisdom of plants, is introducing a new body cream series with 10 wild grasses to smoothly hydrates the dry and itchy skin.
September 2016
rinRen introduces Styling Treatment accentuated with yuzu fragrance
Elegant, relaxed, and fully hydrated - your hairstyle is ever healthier now. A styling aid with mineral-rich sun-dried sea salt from Nagasaki will be available from September 15.
August 2016
Activity Repot 2016: "Ocean's Love X MAMA BUTTER", the volunteer surf school
We held the Volunteer Surf School presented by MAMA BUTTER, the collaborative work with "Ocean's Love" we started in 2012, in June. Please visit MAMA BUTTER official brand site to see the event report.

"Ocean's Love" creates the opportunity for handicapped kids and the local community to interact and better understand each other through the nature's blessing.
August 2016
Introducing shaded lip treatments of 100% natural origin from MAMA BUTTER
Gentle to your sensirive lips, yet it gives vivid colors in silky texture. A series of shaded lip treatment to accentuate your lips while giving tender care will be available on September 15 in 3 shades.
May 2016
NOTICE: Donation of products to support Kumamoto Earthquake victims
We would like to extend our heartfelt sympathy to the victims of Kumamoto Earthquake in April. We sincerely wish the quick recovery of each one of you. Hoping to improve the sanitary situation in the affected areas, we have donated the following products.
■for Kawahara, Nishihara-mura Aso-gun, Kumamoto
・MY HABIT NATURAL HAND GEL Fragrance-free×54
・MY HABIT FABRIC MIST Fragrance-free×50

■for Minamiaso-mura Aso-gun, Kumamoto
・MAMA BUTTER BODYLOTION Fragrance-free ×200
・MAMA BUTTER HAND CREAM Fragrance-free ×100
・MY HABIT NATURAL HAND GEL Fragrance-free ×54

Given the situation in the locale, our representative director/president personally delivered the second wave of donation to the shelter in Minami Aso Village, Aso County. We would also like to thank Ms. Kazuko Hayasaka and Ms. Keiko Sasaki who kindly let us join their volunteer work. We are committed to investigate further support opportunities that suit the development of the local situation.

May 2016
Body shampoo with rose aroma is now available from rinRen at limited outlets
The body shampoo of rinRen, scented with roses from Shimane prefecture, has been renewed on May 13. Formulated with 10 domestic botanical ingredeints to work on signs of aging, it hydrates and firms up your skin. "rinRen Body Shampoo Rose & Tsubaki" is available in limited outlets.
April 2016
“MY HABIT TOOTH GEL“ of 100% natural origin is launched in advance to other outlets.
3 tooth gels of 100% natural origin from MY HABIT became available only at the official online shop on April 22, 2016, ahead of other shops. It is a safe oral care product series with no artificial surfactant, artificial preservative and abrasives. The series will be available at shops nationwide in June (current plan).
April 2016
New from VEGE KITCHEN: “Herb Cordial of Yoichi Blueberry, Pomegranate, and Shell Ginger”
Made from organic blueberry from Yoichi, Hokkaido, shell ginger from Okinawa and polyphenol-rich pomegranate, it is an inner beautifying item to support women’s beauty from within.
April 2016
The large-size tube of MAMA BUTTER UV CARE CREAM AROMA IN is now available in a limited outlet.
Ever popular MAMA BUTTER UV CARE CREAM AROMA IN has a large size now. As big as 140g, it is 15% more economical. Available only at SINCERE GARDEN WEBSHOP.
March 2016
medel natural launched White Line.
medel natural launched its new White Line of 5 products, including medicated whitening lotion of 90% natural origin. Natural & hypoallergenic yet highly effective, all products in the line-up are scented with 100% natural wild rose.
March 2016
BB Cream of MAMA BUTTER has been renewed.
MAMA BUTTER BB Cream to condition your skin to naturally radiant state has been improved – now it is available with SPF 50 and PA+++ protection. It is a richly hydrating, skin caring BB cream with natural emollient of shea butter and 8 organic botanical ingredients. Choose from two shades of yellow beige and pink beige.
March 2016
Clay Mask newly joins MAMA BUTTER family!
Made of mineral-rich Glacial Oceanic Clay, natural emollient of shea butter, and 11 organic botanical ingredients, this brand new Clay Mask is fragrantly scented with organic lavender.
March 2016
Outdoor Mist is now available from MAMA BUTTER.
Highly recommended for camping and gardening, and when you go out to the park. Formulated with 5 bug-repelling essential oils of refreshing aroma, Outdoor Mist with shea butter, the emollient of natural origin, is now in stores.
February 2016
We are introducing a new additive-free body soap brand, “LORE”.
Body soap products with 10 wild grasses are now available from “LORE”, the body care brand to treasure such wisdom of plants that has been handed down through generations. Visit the official brand site (JP).
January 2016
rinRen introduces its first quasi-drug product line, “Mint & Lemon”.
rinRen is introducing its first quasi-drug items for scalp care, “Mint & Lemon” series. Treat your scalp and hair with anti-aging* products with active agents of plant origin – a shampoo, a treatment and a scalp essence (medicated hair growth formula). *Care that suits your age.
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